I Had To Lay It Down Is Bullshit by Damon Lavrinc

Mark Gardiner breaks it down in his stereotypical crotchety style, but every now and then he delivers a few gems that stick with me and inspire:

But the last 10% of accident avoidance hinges on your ability to brake, find an escape lane, and steer into it. It is almost never, ever acceptable to think, “Well, this is it—nothing I can do about it.” In fact, having that idea living anywhere in your subconscious is fucking dangerous.

“I had to lay it down.” Not.


The Poor Man's TPMS by Damon Lavrinc

Managed to get a screw in my rear tire on the way home from work. Annoying, but hardly a big deal because I noticed it before hitting the freeway. How? Two reasons:

  1. Ass-gyro
  2. The traction control light flashed when accelerating from a stop

Ducati doesn't have anything in their docs about it, but between the ABS and TC sensors, it probably wasn't a difficult alert to implement. 


Indifference Is A Power by Damon Lavrinc

The truth is, indifference really is a power, selectively applied, and living in such a way is not only eminently possible, with a conscious adoption of certain attitudes, but facilitates a freer, more expansive, more adventurous mode of living. Joy and grief are still there, along with all the other emotions, but they are tempered – and, in their temperance, they are less tyrannical.
— Lary Wallace, Indifference Is A Power, Aeon

by Damon Lavrinc

Inasmuch as the internal combustion engine defined the 20th century, the electric vehicle has singularly failed to capture the imagination of the 21st.
— The rest of the piece is largely rubbish but this line from Leo Mirani for Quartz stuck with me all year.

by Damon Lavrinc

…if news from CES feels especially desultory this year, it might not be the show that’s at fault. Instead, blame the tech cycle. We’re at a weird moment in the industry: The best new stuff is not all that cool, and the coolest stuff isn’t quite ready.

Farhad Manjoo, NYT, On Display at CES, Tech Ideas in Their Awkward Adolescence

Same could be said for the auto industry and transportation sector, in general