Google Maps For Motorcycles / by Damon Lavrinc

The Problem: Google Maps is great for search, driving directions, public transit, and traffic data, but its travel time estimates are only good for cars.

The Solution: Google Maps for Motorcycles. Turn on the “Motorcycle” option in the settings pane, and Driving, Public Transit, Biking, and Pedestrian options are swapped out in favor of four motorcyclists riding types.

  • Beginner denotes no lane splitting and a conservative speed
  • Intermediate accounts for some lane splitting at a moderate pace
  • Advanced assumes considerable lane splitting at a safe rate of speed
  • Squid is self explanatory and doesn’t account for an impromptu detour to the hospital

Since California is the only state that allows lane splitting, Google Maps for Motorcycles would have to account for that in its arrival estimates in the rest of the country.

Get on it, Google.