How Federal Distracted-Driving Guidelines Will Shape Your Next Phone / by Damon Lavrinc

NHTSA data indicate that 98% of distraction-related accidents are due to factors other than use of the built-in system.

That’s it right there. The feds spend millions of dollars on a study leading to a series of “recommendations” that could do little to influence automakers, all to – in theory – eliminate two percent of crashes. 

So just out of curiosity, how many crashes are caused by parents reaching into the backseat to pacify a child? Should NHTSA start requiring all automakers to install a shield between the front and rear seats? How about a way to prevent conversations between passengers? Speed-detecting glove boxes that won’t open when the car is in motion? Why not? It’s all in the interest of “public safety.”

These are the people and institutions that are going to influence the future of mobility. This is the mindset. And this is why real innovation rarely comes with a seal of approval from an uninformed bureaucracy hellbent on reforming the perceived outrage du jour.