MyFord Touch Doesn't Need Buttons / by Damon Lavrinc

Unfortunately, TTAC’s guest columnist doesn’t have a clue.

The ongoing hate-fest about MyFord Touch is a combination of a several things:

  • The screen is resistive, which makes touches harder to register than the capacitive screen on a smartphone or tablet
  • The system lags
  • The display is too small
  • And that means the touch points are aren’t large or pronounced enough to make it an intuitive interface

And the Tesla example proves this point. 

Tesla’s 17-inch capacitive touchscreen has a massive display, with multi-touch capabilities and – most importantly – a user interface that’s both responsive and intuitive, with large touch points and clear controls.

In-car touchscreens are going to become the norm. Tesla proved you can do it and do it well. While Ford ran when it should’ve walked. And now it's backpedaling when it should be innovating.