Nexus movement: what smartwatches can learn from Seiko / by Damon Lavrinc

A topic that’s near and dear to my heart. And there’s a surprisingly parallel between what’s going on in the smartwatch movement (and all wearables, for that matter) and the auto industry. Over to Mr. Z:

For all practical purposes, the “smartwatch market” is a market that doesn’t exist yet, and can ill afford to divide developers’ already deeply divided attentions amongst a half-dozen brand-new development platforms. Pebble, the wildly-successful Kickstarter project that has emerged as the young industry’s flagbearer, appears to enjoy a vibrant developer community and has scored some big-name partnerships with popular apps like RunKeeper, but there’s a big problem: the Pebble, for all its publicity and support, is an unattractive watch made with cheap materials. What if Pebble focused its efforts not on the art of creating a beautiful piece of jewelry, and instead poured 100 percent of its energy into creating a platform, a publicly available software development kit, and watch guts that more proficient watchmakers could take and run with?

Emphasis mine. We need an underlying technology that connects with all mobile OSs and eliminates the need for one developer to make apps for dozens of platforms. And that same thread has to extend to the automotive world for next-generation connectivity solutions to work the way consumers expect.