The Two Types of Car Tech People (I’m neither) / by Damon Lavrinc

With the automotive tech space finally getting some coverage, two types of enthusiasts/journalists are coming to the fore.

The first is the most predictable: the “I’m in a car to drive” crowd. Typified by technophobic commenters and luddite journosaurs, they’re put off by even the most simplistic, user-friendly features, not to mention their failure to understand why the average consumer doesn’t want their social life to stop when they get behind the wheel.

The second is harder to pin down, but they’re starting to come out of the woodwork. They’re mainly comprised of auto journos and the occasional tech-saavy gearhead who’ve gotten a taste of the future and deemed themselves an instant expert. They don’t have a background in UI design and have little knowledge of graphics cards, resistive vs. capacitive touch screens or processing power. They have just enough enthusiasm to be dangerous, yet fail to inform their readers or friends with any real substance. 

Toth are plagues on the house of autodom, but they’re here to stay. Best get used to it.