What's Old Is New Again. Again. Again. / by Damon Lavrinc


The attention of the automotive press shortens yet again, with dozens of aggregated reports about the BMW i3’s use of a motorcycle engine as a range-extender. This isn’t new news

The range-extender engine was confirmed nearly two years ago at the debut of the i3 in Munich, yet somehow Automotive News – lacking the ability to read and comprehend (let alone search) what’s already out there – breathlessly reports the fact like it’s something we haven’t heard before. But what’s worse, outlets that already know and reported on the engine solution, jump to aggregate the story because it’s flirting at the top of the news cycle. It’s a lame game of whack-a-mole that not only wastes writer’s time, but continues to prove that the big auto sites have minimal direction and a complete lack of hindsight.