Why You Should Care About Spotify / by Damon Lavrinc

I actually wrote another version for this site titled “Why I’m Switching to Spotify” but thought the greater automotive audience would benefit from a primer on the service. 

I’ve been a huge Rdio fan for over a year, but switched over to Spotify for one major reason: compatibility.

It’s just a matter of time before all the major OEMs start incorporating a synced music service into their vehicles and with Spotify’s scale, I think they’ll win out. Granted, MOG is already set to come to Mini, BMW and another major, innovative automaker (hint hint) later this year, but unless it’s adopted by a wider audience, MOG will just be another option. And not a dominant one. Spotify has the potential to own this space and from a journalistic point of view, to best serve the readers in reviews, I’ve got to use what they’re using. It’s the same reason I still have a Facebook account when I prefer Twitter; I have to see if it works with the latest infotainment systems, regardless of my personal preferences.